Smartfin Benefits - Smartfin offered $500 to Attend Presentation, Got $0!

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I was contacted by Smartfin to register and reserve a seat to their presentation in Tampa, FL, by doing so I was told I'd get a "no strings attached" $500 Gas Card.So I went ahead and reserved the seat.

Conveniently my sister got the same call and also registered and reserved a seat. So on 5/17 we both drove (2 hrs round trip) to Tampa, FL and sat through a 2 1/2 hr presentation on debt and credit. We're told the day of the presentation that we'd actually be getting a $500 gas voucher, not a card, within 3-5 business days via email. Well here it is day 5 and not only has my sister not received anything from them, neither have I.

I tried calling their official phone # and was told to call a secondary # which is nothing but an answering machine, and they don't return calls. I tried calling the local # I was called from and another answering machine. I then tried to call the cell # the rep gave me, and no surprise, another answering machine. Last attempt I tried calling the original automated # and it was a message saying to reserve a seat for their upcoming Fri-Sat presentation and get a $100 gas relief certificate (gas relief?

OK) by arriving 15 mins early. So it looks like they lowered the amount they won't be sending people.

May as well have kept it $500 since they really aren't keeping their promise.

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Just another update.It's been 12 days and I was told I'd have the voucher in less than 2 weeks, so far nothing.

Guess I jumped to update the 1st time alittle too soon.I'll update again when I have something to show for my time other than promises.

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Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, United States #15086

Since posting this I was in contact with Smartfin via email and phone.

They have acted in an honest concerned manner in regards to making sure we do get the $500 gas.

Turns out it was a mistake which occurred due to the 3rd party phone representative whom told my sister and I that all we had to do was register on the computers at the presentation and we'd get an email with the gas voucher, when in reality there were forms there for the $500 gas. Obviously unaware of the forms we were waiting on an email that would've never arrived.

As of today June 2nd I've gotten the form needed for the $500 gas and am pleased with the help I've been getting from the Smartfin representatives in regards to this matter.

It's nice to see there are companies that value their word and hold to it.

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